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管事部经理 Chief Steward

Hotel Brand: Crowne Plaza
Location: Mainland China, Zhejiang, Qiandaohu

Hotel: HGHTI - Crowne Plaza Hangzhou Thousand Island Lake

Job number: HOTEL38275

About Us

• Supervise day-to-day operation of stewarding department. Responsible for total maintenance and sanitation in all food production service areas. Control storeroom orders and issue all china, silver and glass. Ensure all food and beverage outlets have sufficient equipment to perform adequately. 监督管事部门每日的运营。负责维护整个食品服务区的卫生状况。控制储藏室的发货及分发瓷器,银器和玻璃器皿。确保所有餐饮营业场所有充足的设备进行工作。 • Adhere to local regulations concerning health, safety, or other compliance requirements, as well as brand standards and local policies and procedures. 遵守当地的卫生和安全法规,或其它适用的规定,以及品牌规范和当地的规章制度。

Your day to day

• Oversees the preparation of kitchen equipment for use 管理厨房设备使用前的准备工作。 • Manage the receiving and storage of kitchen goods 负责接收和存储厨房物品的管理工作。 • Oversees the cleaning and storage of kitchen equipment 监督厨房设备的清洁和存放。 • Oversee the cleaning of the premises 监督厨房的清洁工作。 • Oversee the removal of waste 管理废品的清除。 • Oversee the handling of kitchen linen 管理厨房布巾的处理工作。 • Maintains a hygienic kitchen 保持厨房的卫生。 • Cleans the kitchen and equipment 清洁厨房和设备。 • Maintains high levels of personal hygiene for self and enforces hygiene standards for team 保持高度的个人卫生并在小组中执行卫生标准。

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