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Outlet Supervisor餐厅主管

Hotel Brand: Hotel Indigo
Location: Mainland China, Yunnan, Dali

Hotel: DLUDE - Hotel Indigo Dali Erhai

Job number: HOTEL45566

About Us

  • AIn the absence of a Manager, conducts shift briefings to ensure hotel activities and operational requirements are known
  • 在经理缺席时主持交接班说明会,确保员工了解酒店的活动和运营的要求。
  • Endeavour to resolve all complaints during shift and logs all complaints in log book for further follow up
  • 在自己当班期间尽可能解决所有的投诉,并在工作日志中记录所有投诉以便进一步跟进的工作。
  • Oversee the Implementation of standards as detailed in the departmental standards and procedures manual
  • 监督部门工作程序手册中列出的各项规范的贯彻执行。
  • Enforce shift hand over procedures
  • 执行交接班程序。
  • Enforce correct bill paying procedures
  • 遵守正确的结账程序。
  • Conduct effective shift briefings ensuring all staff are aware of VIPs, special occasions, daily specials; emphasis on up-selling certain products; etc
  • 有效的进行交接班说明会,确保所有员工了解重要客人,特殊活动,每日特价,重点是推销某些产品等。
  • Supervise cash handling and banking procedures
  • 监督现金的处理和存放程序。
  • Prepare daily banking and cash flow reports
  • 编制每日存款和流动资金报告。
  • Establish and instruct staff in cash security procedures
  • 制定并指导员工执行现金安全制度。
  • Deal with irregular payments
  • 处理异常的付款情况。
  • Supervise the maintenance of service equipment
  • 监督服务设备的维护保养。
  • Monitor standards of guest facilities and services
  • 监督客用设施和服务的标准。
  • Control stock and monitor security procedures
  • 控制存货和监督保安成序。
  • Assist with menu and wine list creation
  • 协助菜单和酒水单的设计工作。
  • Supervise outlet service including Tea Lounge
  • 监督餐厅及茶楼的服务。
  • Works with Superior on manpower planning and management needs
  • 和上级领导一起进行人力规划和管理需求。
  • Works with Superior in the preparation and management of the Department’s budget
  • 和上级领导一起编制和管理部门预算。
  • Share recommendations and guest comments to Chef and Food and Beverage Manager to reflect current customer profile
  • 与厨师和餐饮经理交流意见和客人的建议从而反应当前客人的情况。
  • Manage special amenities and special events
  • 特殊设施和活动的管理工作。
  • Anticipate market changes and review operations when necessary
  • 有效的预测市场的变化,并在必要时审评运营工作
  • Up-sell property facilities
  • 推销酒店的设施。
  • Actively pursue cost saving measures
  • 积极的实行节约成本的措施。
  • Recycle wherever possible
  • 尽可能再利用能源。
  • Manage wage and beverage cost
  • 管理工资和饮料成本。
  • Forecasting
  • 进行预测工作。
  • Mix your own shift hours to ensure you know what is happening in your department at all times (ie nights, days, week-ends and during the week, break, lunch and evening shifts)
  • 混合自己的轮班时间确保随时了解部门内发生的事情(如夜班,白班,周末和周一至周五班,间休,午餐时间和晚班)。
  • Make conversation to guests during their order and find out their likes and dislikes as well as building rapport
  • 在客人点餐时与客人交谈,发现客人的喜好,同时建立友善的关系。
  • Other reasonable Ad hoc tasks assigned by supervisor
  • 其他由上级分配的合理任务

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